The presidential election in Romania was conducted in a competitive environment, with 14 candidates registered for the first round.

It has been more than two years since as a number of Russian NGOs appealed to the ECHR to consider the facts of pressure that has been systematically used by the Russian authorities against civil society...

Press conference conducted by Association Golos in Moscow, 15 September 2014:

See the video HERE (Russian)

The fact that the outcome of the elections was predictable and that no real contest was involved resulted in reduced interest among voters. Voter turnout in most regions came in at between fifteen and thirty per cent.

According to the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the Russian Federation, there are 5322 elections and referenda scheduled for 14 September 2014, including 30 gubernatorial elections.

On September 1, 2014 the Moscow City Court canceled the decision to bring the Golos Association and Lilia Shibanova to administrative responsibility for allegedly receiving foreign funding while not being registered as "foregn agent".

Kyiv, 27th May

European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) led a mission of short-term observers for the presidential election in Ukraine. Initially, 823 observers were supposed to be deployed across all Ukrainian regions.


Three election observation missions presented their results of the Ukrainian presidential and local elections. Together, the three organizations deployed more than 6,000 independent elections observers across all Ukrainian regions.

Monitoring was carried out not only in Ukrainian districts but also in the embassies of Ukraine in Russian Federation and Finland. Unfortunately, observers were not allowed to attend polling station in Consulate in Rostov on Don.

Kyiv, 25th May

At 8:00pm, international observers of the short-term monitoring mission attended 1049 polling
stations in 9 regions of Ukraine.

This is a summary report of three election observation missions from the Ukrainian NGO Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU), OPORA Network, and the European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE), which together have almost 6,000 observers in all Ukrainian regions.

Donetsл, 25th May, 2014

Observers of joint monitoring campaign DRO "Committee of Voters of Ukraine" and network OPORA in Donetsk reporting that on 9:00 15 District Election Commissions didn’t work:

There are more than 200 international observers in nine regions of Ukraine. Our observers were present at the opening of 75 polling stations. Mobile teams of two observers should visit on election day about 1,500 PECs.

Joint Press conference of Domestic Observers and International Experts, 27 May 2014, at 11.00 Independent domestic observers and international experts evaluate the conduct of election campaign and the voting day.

Kyiv, 23rd May 2014

We hope that you arrived well in Kiev! We invite you to make the International Media Center your base of operations for your stay here.


All members of the mission have experience from monitoring elections in Russia on behalf of the renowned Russian election watchdog organization Golos. 

On 21st May at the Baku Court of Grave Crimes, the state prosecutor requested 9 years prison sentence for Anar Mammadli, 8 years 6 months for his deputy Bashir Suleymanli and 8 years 6 months for Elnur Mammadov, Director ICV.

Kyiv, 22nd May 2014

EPDE, OPORA, CVU announced a Joint Press Conference "Preparations for elections - Expectations for Election Day", May 23, 1 pm, Venue: International Media Center, 27a Khreshatyk street, Kyiv

May 19th the Central Election Commission of Ukraine issued accreditation for observers from international organizations. To our great disappointment, our mission has not received the expected accreditation.

Domestic observer’s groups Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) and the Civil Network OPORA supported by the experts of EPDE open their International Media Center in Kyiv for the upcoming Presidential Elections in Ukraine.

Until 15th May, the EPDE Experts’ team (Arkadii Lyubarev, Piotr Andrusieczko and Maria Amparo Tortosa-Garrigós) will carry out their research on certain aspects.

EPDE conducts observation of the voting during the upcoming Ukrainian Presidential election and invites EDPE members and all Declaration of Global Principles endorsers to participate in this election observation.


Based on the results of a long-term observation during the first stage of election campaign for the 2014 Presidential elections in Ukraine, the two monitoring organisations came up with their conclusions.

Baku Court of Grave Crimes dismissed on the first court hearing on April 21st the laywers' petitions to discontinue the criminal case against EPDE board member Anar Mammadli, his deputy Bashir Suleimanli and Elnur Mammadov, Director ICV. 

In the framework of the project supported by the European Commission the EPDE will deploy an Experts’ Mission to the Presidential Elections in Ukraine, planned to be held on May 25, 2014. 

ISFED (Georgia), European Exchange (Germany) and Promo-LEX Association (Moldova) have launched an assessment of the training and development needs of EPDE members.

On March 6, 2014, Verkhovna Rada of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol City Council adopted a resolution on so-called referendum on the status of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol.