Statement of OPORA on E-Day and Parallel Vote Tabulation

The most frequent violations recorded by OPORA observers on election day were the attempts by members of election commissions to give out ballots to voters without checking their documents (passport, temporary ID cards for Ukrainian citizens, or military IDs). Such violations took place at 14.5% of polling stations. Breach of the secrecy of voting by voters who photographed their ballots was the most frequently recorded violation on Election day. Such cases were identified by observers in 10.4% of polling stations. 

However, these and other violations of electoral legislation did not present any constraints for citizens to exercise their right to vote and be elected.

During the observation over the course of voting, OPORA conducted a parallel vote tabulation on the basis of a representative and a statistically justified sample for Ukraine. Based on reports by 1296 out of the 1304 specially trained and officially registered observers, OPORA can state with 95% confidence the following results of presidential:

Zelenskyi 30,1%
Poroshenko 15,7%
Tymoshenko 13,3%
Boyko 11,5%
Hrytsenko 6,8%

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