Russian Propaganda against Citizens' Election Observers from GOLOS-Movement


On Friday, August 26th - three weeks ahead of the elections to the State Duma - the Russian government-controlled TV channel NTV broadcasted a documentary "The Secret of Golos". This is already the fifth NTV report broadcasted in prime time which aims at discrediting citizens’ election observers in Russia. The film is based on materials filmed by hidden cameras and is a compilation of false accusations, outdated arguments and defamatory statements. The film has therefore to be assessed more as a product of pure political propaganda than as a piece of journalistic work.


EPDE is concerned that by broadcasting "The Secret of Golos", the Russian government-controlled mass media and the intelligence services undermine international obligations where the Russian Federation is binding itself to safeguard fair elections, public oversight over election processes and freedom of expression and association. EPDE regrets that by broadcasting a series of defamatory reports against domestic citizens’ election observers, the Russian state-controlled media are considerably contributing to the discretization of the Duma elections both in the eyes of Russian voters and international institutions.


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