Report: Political Online Campaigns in Central Europe

EPDE's Polish member Political Accountability Foundation published a report on transparency and targeting of political advertising in Central Europe. They identified good and bad practices, analyzed legal frameworks, and suggested ways of improving them.

The report finds that the Central European region has quite heterogeneous rules for political advertising, and none of the countries has a separate legal regulation for paid political online advertising. The authors suggest that the implementation of the draft European legislation on transparency and targeting principles of political advertising will be difficult for individual national authorities.

The lack of detailed data can prevent stakeholders and the public from gaining a complete and accurate picture of the political advertising market and its dynamics thus creating risks for the distortion of political competition.

The whole report is available on the website of the Political Accountabiliy Foundation.

The report was published within the framework of the project “Making political finance and advertisement in the Visegrad region more transparent”. The project is implemented by Transparency International Slovakia, Political Accountability Foundation Poland, Whom to vote Czechia, and K-Monitor Public Benefit Association Hungary.

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