Pressure against municipality member for independent activities

EMDS calls law enforcement bodies to investigate the pressure against the elected municipality member

Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) expresses concern over the pressure in last two months against the Neftchala District, Kholgaragashli village municipality member Vafa Nagi who was elected in 23 December 2019 Municipal Elections and regards it as political pressure due to the independent work of the elected municipality member.

EMDS notes that after being elected to the Kholgaragashli village municipality, Vafa Naghi tried to push the municipality for more accountable and transparent work, suggested the municipality chairperson holding meetings in accordance with the law and requested financial transparency from the chairperson Alibala Salimov on the assets. Accordingly, June 8th was the last time when Vafa Naghi officially requested to get information on the municipality fund and properties. However, chairperson Alibala Salimov, instead of responding to the request, initiated a smearing campaign against her and pressured her relatives as well.

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