Incidents and irregularities in electoral procedures during E-Day – summary of findings

Promo-LEX conducted a parallel vote tabulation of election results of polling stations within the territory of Moldova, excluding polling stations abroad and in Transnistria. Above image shows its results compared to official results of the Central Election Commission.


Sunday’s first round of the presidential election in Moldova was observed by Promo-LEX who recorded instances of illegal campaigning and black PR, possible incidents of voter bribery, and several cases of bussing of voters. During the election day, several violations of the secrecy of the vote were recorded, and that video monitoring equipment failed to function properly in several polling stations.

Promo-LEX also observed deficiencies in voter lists and problems with the electronic system to manage voter lists, which in some cases incorrectly showed voters having already voted, displayed incorrect voter information, or that voters were assigned to another polling station. Non-compliance with anti-pandemic measures was also observed on multiple occasions.

A run-off election between the top two candidates, Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon, will take place 15 November.

The incident report and Promo-LEX's parallel vote tabulation was presented during a press conference following election day. A recording of this with English interpretation can be watched below. 

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