New EPDE booklet on biased observation

In recent years, we have witnessed the increasing phenomenon of “biased observation” - a form of more politically-motivated election observation whose chief objective is to mislead the public regarding the regularity of some political process or the legitimacy of an election result. Striking examples were the “referendum” on Crimea in March 2014, the “elections” in Eastern Ukraine in November 2014, the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan since 2013, and the Presidential elections in the Russian Federation in March 2018.

EPDE reacts to this trend with the new publication "Politically biased election observation—a threat to the integrity of international institutions". The booklet comprises analyses and recommendations that help to identify and react to any kind of politically influenced election observation.

The publication contains EPDE's policy paper "Detection and Prevention of Politically Biased Election Observation in the OSCE Region", as well as two reports by political scientist Anton Shekhovtsov: "Foreign Observation of the Illegitimate Presidential Election in Crimea in March 2018" and "Politically Biased Foreign Electoral Observation at the Russian 2018 Presidential Election".

Please find a link to the pdf version of the publication below.

In case you are interested in a print version of the booklet, please contact the EPDE Sekretariat.

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