ISFED's Final Statement on April 28 By-Elections

International Society of Fair Elections and Democracy carried out observation of the April 28 Parliamentary By-Elections in Khoni-Vani #54 Majoritarian District through 25 short-term observers (STOs), 2 District Election Commission (DEC) observers and 2 mobile teams. The central office ran data analysis and incident centers. 

Key Conclusions 
Based on the information received from ISFED observers, the voting process, closing of polling stations, counting and tabulation proceeded in a generally calm environment without significant violations. In some precincts procedural violations were observed. 
April 28 by-elections outlined a trend of high percentage of voters included in mobile ballot box lists which in majority of polling stations equaled or exceeded 3% threshold set by the Election Code. According to the Election Code, in case the number of voters in the mobile ballot box list of a precinct exceeds 3% of the total number of voters in the voter list of the polling station, after reaching this threshold decision on including a voter in a mobile ballot box list of a polling station is made by the relevant DEC. April 26 decision #13/2018 of #53 Vani District Election Commission lacks sufficient substantiation on inclusion of additional voters in the mobile ballot box lists. This casts doubts on the appropriateness of including voters in mobile ballot box lists. High percentage of voters in the mobile ballot box lists of the polling stations could bear a potential risk of electoral manipulation since the procedures of voting though mobile ballot box increase potential of such manipulation.
ISFED filed 4 complaints at the DEC and 5 entries were made in precinct record books.

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