Findings from CVU on the Second round of the Presidential elections

Photo: UNIAN


According to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU), voting day was generally conducted in accordance with the standards of fair and free elections. Compared to the first round of elections, the number of violations decreased somewhat. 

Official CVU observers recorded a number of violations of election legislation on election day, however, these violations were not of a systemic character and were not such as to have a significant impact on the results of the will of the citizens.

The recorded violations included: campaigning on the day of voting, issuing ballots without proper identity documents, disclosure of the secrecy of voting, errors in the work of election commissions. Compared to the first round of elections, the number of cases of disclosure of the secrecy of voting has decreased. In some cases, CVU recorded the use of unfair procedures, such as the movement of citizens to the polling stations and the attempt to issue ballots outside of polling stations. However, these were singular cases.

The full statement by CVU can be found here:

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