Fact Sheet-2018 On the Human Rights Situation in Azerbaijan

The Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Centre (EMDS) prepared a report on the situation of human rights in Azerbaijan covering the year 2018 based on publicly available and alternative sources of information. 

In this summary EMDS concludes that there has not been any progress in the human rights situation in Azerbaijan in 2018 and that the government has not demonstrated the political determination required to improve the situation. Politically motivated persecutions continued and the number of political prisoners reached 131. The freedom of expression remained limited. The number of blocked news websites increased to 40, while the travel bans imposed on independent journalists and civil society activists remained unchanged.

The work of the civil society organizations furthermore continued to be obstructed, as did the freedom of assembly.

EMDS compiled the report based on reports submitted by citizens and the monitoring of events across the country.

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