EPDE press trip to Ukrainian elections

From October 23 to 30, 2017, upon invitation of EPDE, 5 German journalists took part in a press trip to Ukraine. The press trip focused on Ukrainian’s struggle for electoral law reform, the local elections of October 29, the decentralization process, and the country’s overall reform agenda. The journalists, representing both national and regional media and including TV, online, and print outlets, met a broad range of relevant stakeholders, including members of the Verkhovna Rada, political scientists, journalists, and electoral law experts.

The group visited several newly amalgamated territorial communities in different regions of the country, where they talked to representatives of election commissions as well as local politicians and discussed the challenges that decentralization posed for the electoral process. On Election Day, October 29, they took part in an election monitoring mission to the municipality of Velyka Dymerka, in the Kyiv Oblast.

Please find a picture gallery produced during the press trip here.

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