Federal Elections in USA: Expert trip by EPDE and the Russian GOLOS


EPDE together with election experts from its Russian member organization Golos observe the US election campaign. They conduct a range of meetings with regional election monitors, NGOs, media representatives and campaign staff of different candidates. During the last week of the election campaign, they observe the early voting proceedings. On election day, the EPDE experts will observe the election day proceedings in several polling stations in Marryland.

Here you will find updated news and reports by the EPDE observers:


Alexander Kynev, Golos and EPDE analyst, analytical report, 15.11.2016: How American federalism ensures free elections


Dmitry Oreshkin,, 14.11.2016: Elections in the USA. Will Putin recruit Trump?


Sergey Parkhomenko, Echo Moskvy, 11.11.2016. Please find the link to the radio programm here (Russian).


Stanislav Andreychuk, novayagazeta.tu, 9.11.2016: "Why Trump? How electoral science explains a new episode of the conservative renaissance - this time in the US" (Russian).


Stanislav Andreychuk,, 9.11.2016: "Golos expert on close attention of Russian people to the US elections". Please find this article in English here.


Stanislav Andreychuk,, 9.11.2016:  "Donald Trump is like Zhirinovsky, but more successful" (Russian).


Stanislav Andreychuk,, 8.11.2016: "Trump" as Russian national idea" (Russian). Please also find this article in English as PDF here.


Dmitry Oreshkin, Echo Moskvy, 8.11.2016:"What is usefull to know about the elections in USA-2"  (Russian). Please find this article in English here.


Dmitry Oreshkin, Echo Moskvy, 7.11.2016:"What is usefull to know about the elections in USA" (Russian).


Stanislav Andreychuk,, 7.11.2016:"Rewarded by Trump's appreciation" (Russian).


Sergey Parkhomenko, Echo Moskvy, 4.11.2016. Please find the link to the radio programm here (Russian).


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