EPDE experts contribute to Promo-Lex' conference on electoral reform in Moldova

EPDE-member Promo-Lex Association organizes an international conference “Options and considerations for reforming the electoral system of the Republic of Moldova. Comparisons from international experience”. International experts from western and eastern Europe will analyze the recent election law reform pushed forward by one of the political parties in Moldova. The experts will present pros and contras of the proposed electoral system. EPDE experts will focus on the experience in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, where majoritarian or mixed election systems are being implemented.

During the event, international experts Mette Bakken (Norway) and Adrian Sorescu (Romania) will present their study “Electoral system design in the Republic of Moldova”. The authors will focus on the specific socio-political and historical background to identify the most efficient electoral system in Moldova.

Also, EPDE-election experts from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine as well as election analysts from Lithuania and United Kingdom will present their home experience with majoritarian and mixed systems (with majoriarian and proportional components) which have been implemented in their countries. They will focus on important challenges of those systems which were often pointed out by domestic and international observers and experts.

Venue: Courtyard Room, Hotel Codru, str. 31 august 1889, 127, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Date: Tuesday, 23 May, 9:30

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