Armenia: Interviews with EPDE experts on the Technology of Stealing Votes [VIDEO]

Interviews at CIvilNet television with EPDE experts: Lene Wetteland, Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Roman Udot, Movement Golos, Russia and Adam Busuleanu on the conduct of the Constitutional Referendum In Armenia. The experts present results and conclusions on the pre-referendum campaign and the voting day.

Lene Wetteland of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and an expert with the European Platform for Democratic Elections was in Armenia to follow the referendum vote of December 6. She says the results of that referendum do not reflect the free will of the people and are not credible.

See the full interview here.

The European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) participated in Armenia’s referendum with a mission of experts to oversee the vote on December 6. EPDE expert Roman Udot from Movement Golos Russia and Adam Busuleanu, EPDE Program Coordinator spoke with CivilNet about the violations and irregularities during the voting process.

See the full interview here.

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