Promo-LEX launches its observation mission for the Local elections in Moldova

Photo: Promo-LEX


On 20 October, nation-wide Local elections will take place in Moldova. Furthermore, Parliamentary elections are scheduled in four constituencies, where the deputies previously resigned.

EPDE member Promo-LEX Association found that although the pre-election period was marked by uncertainties with regard to the date of the general local elections, the principle of stability of electoral law, was basically respected.

Promo-LEX OM also points out some important issues that remain unsettled in the context of local elections: the lack of a legal mechanism to prevent the “artificial migration of voters”, voting of citizens that do not have a permanent place of residence or domicile, electoral bodies’ compliance with the provisions of Electoral Code in the context of issuing absentee voting certificates to voters, etc.

Furthermore, in legal terms, independent candidates are treated unequally, as compared to those designated by political parties and electoral blocks, as only they are required to collect signatures on subscription lists.

It is a priority for the Promo-LEX Observation Mission to monitor the financing of electoral campaign. In this regard, Promo-LEX will compare the expenses electoral competitors report to the CEC and the lower electoral bodies with the activities and expenses estimated following the civic observation.

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