EPDE calls on Russia: Remove the listing


Position of the Batory Foundation’s Teams of Experts on the Act of Law amending the Electoral Code

The Batory Foundation wishes to express a deepest concern and to draw attention to the threats connected with the change of electoral rules implemented by the Act dated 11th January 2018.

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EPDE Winter Camp took place in Poland

The second Winter Camp for election observers of the member organisations of the European Platform for Democratic Elections took place in Warsaw, Poland, involving a large group of experts, observers and volunteers from Eastern and Western Europe.

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EPDE expert evaluation of the parliamentary election in Poland, 25 October 2015

EPDE notes that the rights of the proxies and international observers are described insufficiently in the Electoral Code. In some of the polling stations members of election commissions were not aware of the rights of international observers.

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Citizens’ election observation under pressure - Challenges for international institutions and civil society

The topic of the event is the increasing political, legal and administrative pressure against independent citizens' observers in OSCE countries. Examples from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Belarus will be discussed.

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