We need your help to assist human rights defenders and election observers in their work and to support victims of repression in Belarus!

We are collecting donations for:

  • Legal fees for defence of political prisoners (approximate cost of an ongoing legal case can be up to 4.500 Euros).
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of human rights violations in Belarus.
  • Collection of reports of abuse and torture to bring perpetrators to justice.

The presidential election in Belarus has been called the “worst election ever” by domestic citizen observers. These observers report a massive scale of electoral fraud, as well as harassment and repression by authorities against rival candidates, opposition activists, and critical voices. There have been mass waves of arrests since the election and also mounting reports of abuse and torture being committed by law enforcement officers.

We have never seen such a scale of violence and repression before and call on your help to support our colleagues, the "Belarusian Helsinki Committee" and "Human Rights Center 'Viasna'". These organizations have been monitoring the fraudulent election and deteriorating human rights situation in Belarus. Election observers from these organizations were harassed and detained during the election period and now our colleagues are fighting to free detained observers and other political prisoners in the country.

Please lend them your support by donating below.