Parliamentary elections in the Russia

Analitical report on the election campaign in media


In contrast to the intense and lively campaign of 2011, the apathetic campaign of 2016 left no significant information trace. Although legislative changes were supposed to stimulate the media activities of non-parliamentary and small parties, this did not happen –“United Russia” totally dominated over other parties in both federal and regional media. 


Parliamentary elections in Russia

Registration of political parties and candidates


74 parties had the formal right to nominate candidates for the election of deputies to the State Duma in 2016. However, only one-third of those parties attempted to take part in the 2016 State Duma elections because the Russian electoral system combines excessive demands on the number of signatures necessary for candidate registration with extremely rigid requirements for their inspection.


Presentation by Stanislav Andreychuk

Campaign Finance of the Elections in Russia


On the invitation of MEPs Heidi Hautala and Rebecca Harms of the Green faction in the European Parliament, Golos experts presented their first conclusions on the preparations of the parliamentary campaign in Russia. According to the Golos’ expert Stanislav Andreychuk, campaigning of several candidates supported by the ruling United Russia party during the regular regional and local elections is supported by companies registered in European countries, which contradicts the Russian law according to which foreign founding for a broad spectrum of political activities is strictly forbidden.