Parliamentary Elections in Belarus

Parliamentary Elections 11 September 2016 in Belarus: OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission Final Report


The 11 September parliamentary elections were efficiently organized, but, despite some first steps by the authorities, a number of long-standing systemic shortcomings remain. The legal framework restricts political rights and fundamental freedoms and was interpreted in an overly restrictive manner. There was an overall increase in the number of candidates, including from the opposition, but the campaign lacked visibility. Media coverage of the campaign did not enable voters to make an informed choice. Following a timely invitation, the authorities exhibited a welcoming approach towards international observers.


Parliamentary elections in Belarus

Report on Election Campaigning


In most regions, the conditions for campaigning were improved as compared to the previous elections. However, the candidates were not provided with equal rights; pro-government candidates enjoyed better conditions for campaigning: they made extensive use of the administrative resources, including electronic and print media; there were cases of pro-government candidates’ meetings with voters during working hours, reporting inaccurate or false information about the schedule of meetings on the websites of local governments.