Human Rights Situation in November 2020

Since the fraudulent election of 9 August, over 30 000 peaceful protesters have been arrested. Human rights defenders report that there are currently 147 political prisoners in the country and that during the election and post-election period criminal proceedings have been initiated against more than 900 persons. Authorities are continuing to use violence again protesters and not one single criminal case has been initiated in response to reports of systemic and mass torture of detainees.



Ситуация с правами человека в Беларуси. Ноябрь 2020

В местах несвободы находятся 147 политзаключенных, их количество продолжает увеличиваться. Общее же количество граждан, в отношении которых были возбуждены уголовные дела в избирательный и пост-избирательный период, составило более 900 человек; общее количество задержанных за участие в мирных собраниях с начала избирательной компании составило более 30 000 человек.


Quorum Chat. Личное и политическое в эпоху COVID

Как государство регламентирует нашу жизнь и что это делает с нами. Разговор с Полиной Аронсон и Анке Хенниг



Chernivtsi mayoral runoff - no critical disruptions in election administration

Last weekend’s runoff mayoral election in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, took place without gross violations but was again accompanied by smear campaigns and disinformation. Direct and indirect abuse of state resources was also a key challenge. In contrast to the first-round of elections, where TECs had issues in determining final election results, observers found that the Chernivtsi city territorial and precinct election commissions managed to avoid critical disruptions in election administration.


Досягати змін можна тільки шукаючи союзників

Пам’ятайте, що досягати змін можна тільки шукаючи союзників, одразу визначайте поле можливостей та формуйте переговорний потенціал.



Задержания на 'Марше мудрости' в Минске и не только

В понедельник, 23 ноября, в Беларуси продолжается преследование по политическим основаниям. В Минске состоялся традиционный "Марш мудрости". Но и на нем не обошлось без задержаний. СМИ сообщали о нескольких задержаниях в разных точках города. 



380 detained on Day 106 of post-election protests

At least 379 protesters were detained on Sunday in Minsk and other cities of Belarus, according to Viasna’s database. Only a few were released, while most are expected to stand administrative trials in the coming days. According to the news website, a total of 30,000 people have been detained in Belarus since the August 9 presidential election.



Parliamentary election a step backwards in terms of democratic elections

The second round of parliamentary elections in Georgia took place without any real competition as the opposition refused to take part. Despite this uncompetitive election, the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) still observed that the ruling party tried to exert pressure on voters. Serious irregularities were also observed and there was an aggressive attitude towards observers.



Half of the elections marked by voter bribery schemes and incidents of this increased significantly

In five out of the 11 cities holding runoff mayoral elections, voter bribery schemes were recorded. Mass photographing of ballots as well as transportation of voters to polling stations were reported. The number of incidents and the scale of methods related to bribery have increased significantly compared to the first round of elections and compared to the 15 November vote. Such methods can especially impact the vote when there is a low turnout.



Highly competitive runoff elections with deliberate disinformation and smear campaigns

One of the key challenges faced during the runoff campaign according to OPORA was extensive deliberate disinformation or smearing campaigns against the rivals. The conflict intensity during the campaign had an adverse impact on the meaningful dialogue between the candidates regarding future community development. 



Second round taking place amid a political crisis

The second round of parliamentary elections in Georgia will take place on November 21 amid a political crisis and protests by opposition parties who refuse to participate in the second round. The opposition parties' boycott of parliament and refusal to run in the second round significantly undermine the election process, claims the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED).



No widespread violations, but need for professionalization of election commissions

During the short election campaign, OPORA reports that there were no large-scale violations of the election law. Only a few incidents allegedly involving vote buying were reported. Changes in the make-up of territorial and precinct election commissions (TECs and PECs) shortly before election day undermined the stability of their work and common procedural violations by election commission members were recorded. This showcases once again the problems with their professional training. 



Increase in black PR and manipulative schemes to gain votes

Black PR was massively used during the election campaign and the extent of this has significantly grown in the runoffs compared to first round elections, claims CVU. Several of the black PR cases go as far as violating criminal law. The resignation of MPs from their newly won regional council positions to allow other candidates from their party's list to win and schemes to artificially increase voter turnout may not violate electoral law, but can be considered manipulative.


Президентские выборы

Заключительный доклад по второму туру президентских выборов


Несмотря на то, что на избирательных участках за рубежом имелось по 5 000 избирательных бюллетеней, как минимум 6 избирательных участков остались без бюллетеней до окончания времени, отведенного для голосования. Подозрения в организованной перевозке избирателей и их вознаграждения были присущи, в частности, избирательному процессу в приднестровском регионе.


Presidential election

2nd round election day report


Moldova's presidential election runoff had a high voter engagement. During voting day, certain polling stations abroad ran out of ballots and thus did not allow voters to cast their vote. Organized transportation of voters from Transnistria and intimidation of election observers was also again present during the second round of the election. Promo-LEX’s parallel vote count largely correlated with the official results announced by the CEC and the vote count was conducted in a quick and calm manner.