ISFED (Georgia): Final Report on the long-term observation of the Presidential Elections, 27 October 2013

The present document is a report of monitoring of the October 27, 2013 presidential elections by the International Society of Fair Elections and Democracy (hereinafter, the ISFED). At the 2013 presidential elections ISFED, as an organization with one of the broadest networks was actively involved in pre-election as wells as the Elections Day and post-election monitoring. Similar to the 2012 parliamentary elections, the ISFED carried out monitoring of the presidential elections with the use of new methods and innovative technologies.

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EPDE protests against arrest of independent election observer Anar Mammadli in Baku

On December 16th Anar Mammadli, chairman of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Centre, Baku (EMDS), and board member of EPDE has been arrested and imprisoned for a three months pre-trial detention through the Nasimin District Court in Baku. EMDS has carried out independent observation of the last Presidential elections in Azerbaijan in October 2013 and has published a critical assessment of the election process.

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Statement on the human rights situation with EPDE member organisations

European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) has to state with concern that a number of states that are home to EPDE member organizations are not only marked by a regression in the field of free and democratic elections, but also grossly violate human rights, with ongoing harassment of civil society activists for their civic and human rights activities.

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Experts’ Discussion on Citizens’ Election Observation in the Eastern Partnership and the Russian Federation in 2013

Warsaw, 5th December 2013: On December 11th 2013 will be held an Experts’ Discussion on "Citizens’ Election Observation in the Eastern Partnership and the Russian Federation in 2013" at 10:00 in the Stefan Batory Foundation, Sapieżyńska 10a, Warsaw.



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EPDE protests against pressure on EMDS (AZ)

On 31 October the General Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan conducted a search in the office of EPDE member organization Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Centre (EMDS) in Baku. The search lasted for five hours, in the end 20 folders with project documentation, press releases, reports and financial documents along with two computers were confiscated for further investigation.

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ISFED (Georgia) presents PVT projections on election day

Tbilisi, 28 October 2013: The voting process was mostly conducted in an organized and peaceful environment. Most of the violations observed were procedural and small in nature. The major drawbacks of the day were the following: voters cast their ballot without an official ID, electoral documentation was not properly filled-out, unauthorized persons were present inside the station, and issues with voters’ lists in Batumi.

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ISFED (Georgia): Sixth Interim Report on Pre-Election Monitoring

ISFED found that various political parties and candidates held 377 public meetings from October 7 through October 24, 2013. Notably, the number of meetings was significantly increased as the Elections Day approached and in this respect the pre-election campaign became particularly active. Observers reported two acts of political pressure and threats against member of Sakrebulo and three acts of physical assault on political grounds. Eelection campaign posters were intentionally damaged in three instances. Abuse of administrative resources was reported at Giorgi Margvelashvili’s pre-election meeting in Poti.



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EMDS (AZ) first post-election statement on investigation of election complaints

Baku, 23 October 2013: EMDS regrets that the CEC, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court failed to ensure effective remedy mechanisms for complaints on election violations and therefore impartial investigation of election violations did not take place. Consequently, both the CEC and judicial system did not undertake actions to execute proper investigation of election complaints in accordance with their duties required by the law. EMDS is concerned about the fact that investigation of four complaints about the election violation received by the CEC were carried out partially or were ignored completely.

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Berlin, 22 October 2013: From September 19-25, 2013 eighteen EPDE election experts observed the German Parliamentary elections and attended a summer school on election observation techniques. Topics as mathematical-statistical analysis of election results, electoral legislation and election systems were on the agenda of the summer school.




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ISFED (Georgia) publishes its fifth report on the pre-election campaign

During the period from September 8, 2013, through October 6 ISFED identified five acts of pressure on voters who were forced to attend pre-election meetings, one case that involved physical assault, three cases of obstruction of pre-election campaigning, one case that involved pre-election campaigning at an improper venue. Similar to the previous reporting period, use of state resources remained an issue.

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EPDE member EMDS (AZ) regrets misleading opinions on independent observers

Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) regrets false statements made by state officials on opinions of domestic and international organizations about the Presidential Election and calls the government to demonstrate political will to conduct objective and comprehensive investigation of complaints and reports of violations occurred on the Election Day.

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Source: News Agency "Trend"

EPDE concerned about EP and PACE statement on presidential election in Azerbaijan

Berlin, 14 October 2013: European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) is seriously concerned about the findings and conclusions made by the delegations of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and the European Parliament (EP) after the observation of the Presidential elections in Azerbaijan on 9 October 2013 which stands in sharp contrast to the findings of domestic election observers and to the observations of the OSCE/ODIHR mission.

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EPDE Member EMDS (Azerbaijan) Preliminary Report on Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan

EMDS noted that the voting process was marred with serious violations as multiple voting, organised group voting, voters whose name were not on thevoter lists and ballot-box stuffing. In more than 100 polling stations voting results were not accurately reflected on the protocol and copy of protocols were not displayed in front of building. Observers who protested against occurred violations and requested to observe the process of vote counting faced serious pressure.

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EPDE Member EMDS (Azerbaijan) issues second Interim Report on the Pre-election Campaign

EMDS and ICV notes with regret that the government failed to demonstrate progress in democratization of political environment, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association during the election campaigning period.

The organizations welcome the significant increase of political interest, political discussions and public interest in overall election process during the 9 October 2013 Presidential Elections in comparison with 2008 presidential elections. However, none of the TV companies operating in the country offered airtime to candidates and their representatives to present their election platforms, as well as to discuss local and national level issues.

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OSCE Human Dimensions Implementation Meeting (HDIM) in Warsaw

Warsaw, 1 October 2013: Lene Wetteland, NHC, Stefanie Schiffer, European Exchange and Lilia Shibanova, GOLOS attended the election discussions on the ODIHR's Human Dimension Meeting in Warsaw on 1st October. NHC made a strong statement in favor of citizens' election observation in the OSCE region. Lilia Shibanova, GOLOS, attracted the attention to the difficult situation of citizens' election observation in the Russian Federation, Stefanie Schiffer presented the EPDE as a new initiative in the field of citizens' election observation in Europe.

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ISFED fourth interim report on Presidential Elections in georgia, 27 October 2013

Tbilisi, 24 September 2013: “We have found two cases that involved physical assault and one case that involved pressure on political grounds. We identified three facts that involved use of state resources. ISFED considers transferring of the agency and its material base owned by the Prime Minister’s family to the management of Info 9 free of charge as possible vote buying,”- says Nino Lomjaria, Executive Director of ISFED.

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EPDE Member EMDS (Azerbaijan) issues first Report about Nomination and Registration of Candidates of Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan

Baku, 16 September 2013:

EPDE Member - Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) and Volunteers International Cooperation Public Union (VIC) conducted long term observation of the first stage of the 9 October 2013 Presidential Elections (10 August – 14 September) of the Republic of Azerbaijan (nomination and registration of candidates).

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Foto: Tom Henning Bratlie

EPDE Member Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) issues Press release of the Norwegian Parliamentary Elections 9 September 2013

Oslo, 10 September 2013: 34 election observers from eleven countries in the former Soviet Union have observed this years' Norwegian parliamentary elections. The observers have received a warm welcome throughout the country, and they have observed an election with a high degree of trust in the electoral process.

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GOLOS Press Release on regional and local elections in Russia: Election Day Proceedings

Moscow, 9 September 2013: 8 September 2013 became the first "Single Voting Day", transferred to the second Sunday of September instead of two Single Voting Days, previously (since January 1, 2006) held in March and October.



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GOLOS 2nd report on regional and local elections in Russia: Election Campaign


Moscow, 7 September: In a number of cases, the Russian Federation’s Central Election Commission overturned the decisions of lower election commissions to refuse to certify and register party lists and candidates for the regional elections. However, these examples represent only a small proportion of the cases among numerous instances of non-admission of parties and candidates for elections.

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EPDE Member ISFED - Georgia issues THIRD Report of the Pre - Election - Monitoring

Tblisi, 2 September 2013: EPDE Member International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) presents third pre-election monitoring report for the October 27, 2013, presidential elections.The report covers the period from August 5 through August 20, 2013.

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GOLOS 1st report on regional and local elections in Russia


The movement for the defence of voters’ rights, GOLOS, is presenting its first overview of the elections in Russia, which are scheduled to be held on 8 September 2013. This summary includes materials from activists and experts associated with GOLOS, as well as expert reports and analyses taken from publicly available sources.

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EPDE Member ISFED - Georgia issues SECOND Report of the Pre - Election - Monitoring

Tblisi,12 August 2013: EPDE Member International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) presents second pre-election monitoring report for the October 27, 2013, presidential elections. The monitoring covers the period from July 20 through August 4, 2013. 

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EPDE and its member Golos Start Observing the Local Elections, 8 September 2013

On 8 September 2013 the local elections will take place in Russia. The EPDE and its Russian member GOLOS start the long-term observation and reporting on the conduct of the elections. Overall 6825 regional elections and referenda will be conducted on the single voting day introduced by the State Duma one year ago.

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EPDE meets with ODIHR Director Lenarcic in Warsaw

Warsaw, 17 June 2013: EPDE members Lilia Shibanova, GOLOS, Ewa Kulik, Stefan Batory Foundation, Stefanie Schiffer, EA and Vladimir Labkovich, HR Centre Viasna met in Warsaw for the presentation of EPDE with ODIHR director Janez Lenarcic and staff members of ODIHR's election and human rights departments.
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EPDE concerned about the Postponement of Local Elections in Kyiv

Kyiv, 31st May 2013: EPDE and its Ukrainian member organization OPORA are worried about consequences in realization of constitutional rights of citizens and the right on local self-government, which result from the Decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

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Russian EPDE Member GOLOS faces to be shut down – European Institutions alarmed on the crackdown on Russian Civil Society

Brussels, 15 May 2013: The Association GOLOS and other leading Russian NGOs have been declared „foreign agents“ in the past few weeks and are facing now to be shut down. On May 15th in the European Parliament in Brussels a public discussion on the crackdown of the Russian civil society was held on invitation of Werner Schulz. MEP, Green Faction.

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tl_files/EPDE/LOGOS/Association Promo-Lex (Moldova).jpg

Chisinau, 22 April 2013: The European Platform for Democratic Elections and its Moldovan member organization Promo-LEX Association are alarmed by the hurried and non-transparent modification of the electoral system in Moldova. On April 16th the draft law on changing the electoral system was registered in the Parliament by a group of deputies; on April 17th it received the approval of the Juridical Commission of the Parliament and on 18th and respectively 19th of April the Parliament adopted the law in first and second (final) readings. By April 20th, 2013 the President promulgated the law and it was already published in the Official Monitor.

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EPDE protests against ongoing repression towards GOLOS

tl_files/EPDE/LOGOS/golos.png-русскую версию новости смотрите ниже-
Civic Election Observation in Russia at Risk

The European Platform for Democratic Elections protests against ongoing harassment and legal prosecution of its member organisation, the Association GOLOS and of its director Lilia Shibanova. We call on the government of the Russian Federation to respect the basic human rights for free and fair elections, for freedom of assembly and for the protection of human rights defenders and to follow its commitments as laid down in the Russian Constitution and in its international obligations. We call on the Ministry of Justice to drop the ungrounded and unlawful allegations against the Association GOLOS and its director Lilia Shibanova. We call on the government of the Russian Federation to bring its legislation in line with international obligations and to annihilate the 2012 amendments to the Law on non-commercial organisations claiming the registration as “foreign agents".

See here for english and here for russian versions of the EPDE statement (pdf).


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EPDE Strategy for Municipal Elections in Erevan


Yerevan, 18 April 2013: Roman Vdot, GOLOS Russia, Vladimir Labkovich, Viasna Belarus and Stefanie Schiffer, European Exchange Germany discussed on a two-day seminar strategies for the observation of the upcoming municipal elections with EPDE partner organisations in Armenia. Roman Vdot demonstrated similarities in voting manipulation during Presidential elections in Russia 2008 (on the laptop screen to the right) and Presidential elections in Armenia 2013 (left).

See more on: http://www.echo.msk.ru/blog/roman_udot/1055270-echo/

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EPDE Statement on Presidential Elections in Armenia, 18 February 2013

(See here for Russian)



Yerevan, 18 February 2013: The elections were characterised by a lack of political competition, low-key campaigning and a relatively low presence of partisan election observers in precincts on election-day. This has to be explained with the decision of the three main opposition parties not to nominate their candidates for the Presidential elections and consequently not to deploy their proxies to the election precincts.

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EPDE protests detention of civic activists in Azerbaijan

Baku, 13 February 2013: The European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) condemns yesterday’s incident in Khamaz, Azerbaijan, where a training conducted by representatives of EPDE’s member organization Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) was disrupted by the local police.

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Brussels, 31 January 2013: “Civic observation is a powerful instrument for citizens’ control over electoral processes and deserves the attention and the support of the European institutions. We wish the best success for the newly established “European Platform for Democratic Elections” said Werner Schulz, Member of the European Parliament, during the presentation of the EPDE at the European Parliament on Wednesday January 30th.

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