NEW DEADLINE - Call for Applications: Press trip to Ukrainian elections

September 2017, Berlin
On the occasion of the Ukrainian local elections on 29 October 2017, the European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE)
October 2017 will organize a press trip to Ukraine for German-speaking journalists, from 23 to 30 October 2017. Please see the full details of this call (in German language).

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“Golos”: On September 10, Russia held administratively controlled elections

The Central Election Commission' policy of intolerance to violations and fraud, which had been publically adopted by its new leadership, had an overall positive effect on the election process. These efforts, along with legislative restrictions on the removal of observers, significantly reduced the number of violations of voters’ rights compared to previous years. Nevertheless, observations of the September 10 elections suggest that illegal strategies and tactics are still prevalent in certain regions. Voters' distrust towards the election process resulted in low turnout.

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Photo: "Roman Udot"

Silence in the media and "administrative ressources": Golos analyses campaign for Russian municipal elections

September 2017, Moscow/Berlin

Municipal elections will take place in Moscow on 10 September 2017. As expected, current campaigning is mostly taking place under the radar. Most of the election campaigning, as observed in the week before Election Day in the streets and surrounding areas of the city, is being conducted by independent and opposition candidates. Regional media, including city television and district newspapers, continue to pay little attention to the upcoming elections. It is clear that city authorities do not care about turnout in the municipal elections. Moreover, they intend to conduct the so-called “drying” of the general turnout and only mobilize the “administratively dependent” electorate.


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Photo: "Sto lat"

Russian regional elections: Independent candidates face discrimination through the "Municipal Filter"

August 2017, Moscow/Berlin

On September 10, 2017, direct elections of the governors will be held in 16 regions of Russia. According to a report by the "Golos" Movement and EPDE, the most acute problems in the election of the heads of regions are linked to candidates overcoming the so-called “municipal filter.” In 8 out of 16 regions, non-systemic candidates failed to overcome the “municipal filter” because of obstruction by local and regional authorities. Almost universally in Russia, independent candidates failed to collect the required number of signatures of municipal deputies because of severe “administrative pressure.”

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Pedro Agramunt, President of the PACE (Photo: Claude Truong-Ngoc)

EPDE contributes to investigation on Corruption in the Council of Europe

August 2017, Strasbourg/Berlin

During its summer session in June 2017, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has appointed three judges to conduct an external investigation of the pending corruption cases among members of the PACE. These allegations have shattered the reputation of the most important and respected European human rights institution for years. EPDE has contributed to the ongoing investigation with its reports on politically motivated election observation.

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Promo-LEX Association celebrates 15th anniversary!

August 2017, Chisinau

EPDE’s Moldovan member Promo-LEX Association this year celebrates its 15th anniversary. For the past 15 years, Promo-LEX has actively promoted fair and transparent elections in Moldova and abroad, advocated and defended human rights and stood up for the civil society. EPDE warmly congratulates Promo-LEX, expresses its gratitude for the intense cooperation in the past and, in challenging times, looks forward to many more successful joint activities in the future!

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EPDE stands for international solidarity among citizens' election observers

August 2017, Berlin/Phnom Penh

The European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) has been an active member of the Solidarity Group of GNDEM (Global Network of Domestic Election Monitors) since 2014. With this, EPDE is part of an international community of election monitoring organizations that advocate fair and transparent elections worldwide. Currently the global community of election observers is advocating independent election observation, free media and defence of human rights in Cambodia.

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Ukrainian local elections will take place on 29 October

August 2017, Kyiv
Within the framework of Ukrainian's ongoing decentralization process, the Ukrainian Central Election Commission has scheduled the first elections of City Mayors and Councilors in 202 newly united territorial communities. In total, 1 million 360 thousand people, i.e. 4% of Ukrainian voters, will have a chance to participate in the 29 October elections. The elections will be widely spread across the country, including, for instance, municipalities in Dnipro oblast in the East; Kyiv and Cherkasy oblast in the centre; and Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv oblast in the West of Ukraine.

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ISFED identifies challenges in Georgian pre-election environment

August 2017, Tbilisi
The local self-government elections in Georgia will take place on 21 October 2017. The Georgian EPDE member ISFED has recently published a report assesing the pre-election environment. According to the report, constitutional changes were the major issue of civil society and political discussions ahead of the elections. The process of Constitutional reform initiated in the mostly inclusive format of the State Constitutional Commission reached a sort of a stalemate in late June, after the ruling party made an unexpected decision to postpone changes in the electoral system until 2024.

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A participant from 2009

International observation of the Norwegian parliamentary elections

August 2017, Oslo
The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, an EPDE member, will organize for the fourth time the international election observation of the Norwegian parliamentary elections, which will take place on Monday, 11th of September. 25 observers from EPDE-member organizations in the former soviet republics will come to Norway to learn about the Norwegian election system and see it in action. Guests from Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine will have a unique chance to observe the peaceful and constructive process of election campaign and voting.

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